Friday, 29 April 2016

Infographic - Non Loop Tv Enclosure - Damage Limitation

Anti Ligature Non-Loop TV Enclosures for Prisons
From Visually.

Introduction to Non Loop TV Enclosures

What is a non loop TV enclosure?

A non loop TV housing, is usually made from steel and provides full protection around a flat screen television in either mental health or jails. These protective TV housings are used in these facilities to stop the patients and inmates from self-harming.

Without these psychiatric TV enclosures, the patients/prisoners can and do self harm using the TV and wall brackets, when unprotected.

One company who has 3 locations acorss the globe, offer these non loop TV enclosures in the following countries:

  • North America & Canada
  • Europe
  • Australia

More details can be found at:, these ligature resistant housings come with years of development and working with a group of architects and the Federal Mental Health Department to get this design appproved. 

Now psychiatric, behavourial and correctional facilities deploy these non loop TV enclosures, to protect the patients and the hardware from harm and damage.